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Last Modification Date: July 20, 2019.

By accessing this site https://www.sharesnappy.com/ Or clicking the “I agree” button, you agree to enter into a binding legal agreement with SHARESNAPPY. Also, agree to comply with or legally bound by the terms and conditions, and the privacy policy (https://www.sharesnappy.com/privacy-policy/).

If you disagree with our terms and policies, then discontinue our site and services. Please note that we may make changes in this agreement to add more valuable points. Thus, you should check this page from time to time.


ShareSnappy is a single owner of ShareSnappy trademark (branding or logo). And the use of ShareSnappy trademark in the wrong way is strictly prohibited. Also, if we find anything suspicious and against the terms (which we mention below). We may take legal action to protect ShareSnappy trademark (branding or logo).

  • Do not perform any alteration to the ShareSnappy trademark.
  • Do not submit the ShareSnappy trademark on the site that violates any law and regulations.
  • Do not use the ShareSnappy trademark for your product, services or company.
  • Do not use the ShareSnappy trademark to mislead the people.
  • Do not create and use a logo, marks or designs that confusingly similar to the ShareSnappy trademark.
  • Do not use the ShareSnappy trademark as a name, profile logo or aliases on the Social Media sites.
    • If we permit you to use our trademark, you make sure you don’t use the Registry (R) symbol with it. Only we use this symbol on our website.

Content and media:

We create content and design images or videos for our blog posts, product pages and other pages of the site. It gives a great experience to you while reading a post, download or buy a product or interact with useful pages.

We give share buttons on the posts and product pages so that you can share our blog posts or products on your social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter. But we don’t allow users to break the copyright law and regulations or below the mentioned terms. We may take legal action if we find anything doubtful.

  • Don’t use our content on your site or blog.
  • Don’t copy and submit our content on any website.
  • Don’t use our images on your site or blog until we permit you.
  • You can only share our content on social media sites like; Facebook, Twitter, etc. With the help of given social share buttons on the page or post.
  • Don’t download and upload ShareSnappy videos on your website or blog. If you want to show our videos, then you can embed videos on your site through ShareSnappy YouTube Channel.


Do not create the same look and feel site like ShareSnappy. The same set of design gives complete confusion to the users. The copied design is illegal, and it comes under Intellectual Property Law (IPL). If we find the site that completely similar to ShareSnappy website, then we might take legal action against it.

External sites:

We are an affiliate partner of multiple vendors. And as an affiliate partner, we place vendor sites links on the website. Now, before you click the external site – a website link, product link or license link. You must read the below points.

  • Links:
    If you went to a third party site after clicking the link from ShareSnappy.com. And, if you submit your personal information on the external site then, we are not responsible for your PII security. We only authorize to secure your PII on ShareSnappy.com website, not others.
  • Transactions:
    • When you click on the product license link, you jump to the payment gateway or the vendor website. Here, you must check the vendor website or the payment gateway – terms and privacy policy. Even though we are an affiliate partner of the vendor. The vendor and the payment-gateway couldn’t send your details to us. So, we can’t help you if you find yourself in trouble.
    • You need to contact the vendor (seller) for product related issue or money refundable issue.
    • You must contact the payment gateway if anything happens with the payment related issues. While you purchase the product.
    • If you buy a third party product from our website. Then, we are not bound to do the following things:
      1. We are not liable to pay you.
      2. We are unable to give you support on the order related issue or the payment related issue.
      3. If you are facing any issue with the product or the payment. Then, you must follow the above points – (1) & (2).

Personal identification information (PII):

If the government security agencies or any other government department wants your PII. Then, we share your PII with them without sending you any notification or alert message. In this case, we keep your PII with us. And do not remove it even after you request us for deletion.

Comments and reviews:

Comments & reviews are a great way to express our thoughts on the product, service or the company. But, many customers manipulate these things. Thus, if we find anything wrong, then we may remove the comment or review. And also block the user so that he/she cannot comment or review on ShareSnappy.com.


We display ads on our website. We tie-up with multiple ad networks (like Google Adsense) & other websites to display their ads on our website. But, ShareSnappy does not monitor or endorse these ads. Also, we are not responsible for the content they are using in their ads. That’s why a user checks these ads with its prudence. We are not taking any responsibility for these ads.

Governing law:

The terms and conditions mentioned in this page govern the law of the State of New Delhi, INDIA. Any conflict or dispute would settle in the court of Dwarka, South West Delhi District, New Delhi, INDIA.

If you have any queries regarding our Terms and Conditions, please feel free to contact us at admin@sharesnappy.com. Also, view our privacy policy at this page https://www.sharesnappy.com/privacy-policy/

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