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The Policy Reveals Every Tactic Adapted by ShareSnappy Towards User Information Privacy.

Last Modification Date: July 20, 2019.

SHARESNAPPY (“Company”, “Us”, “We” OR “Our”) operates at website and this privacy policy page explains our policies regarding the collection, use, and disclosure of user (“your” or “you”) personal identification information (“PII”).

What information we collect & how we use your information:

A). Info that you provide to us:
When you try to contact us, sign up to our newsletter, comment on the blog post or review & rate our products. We get some of your PII in which includes your Name, Email, Phone & Website Url. And through the backend of the form we get some more info like; Page Url (from where you submit the details), Date, Time, User Agent (Browser), IP Address & Credit.

You might send your queries or suggestions via the contact form or email. And, you might give your feedback on posts or product. We use these details to respond you back on your questions, suggestions or feedback. Also, We use your email address to send you our notifications, events, news, and updates too.

B). Cookies:
We deploy cookies for various reasons.

  • Newsletter cookie helps us to show different notifications to the subscriber and non-subscriber users.
  • When you comment on our site or fill the contact details, cookie opt-in to save your name, email, phone and website URL. So, you don’t need to fill all your details again when you leave another comment, Or you contact us again for any other issue.
  • We use Google Analytics (GA) to know user action and its behaviour toward our website. And as GA does not send your personal information to us. It only provides useful insights about you. Like; from which country (US|UK) you arrive at our website, which browser (Chrome|Safari) you are using, which device (desktop|mobile) you are using, etc.
  • We do multiple tests on our website from time to time. And to perform this action, we add some custom cookies in your browser. These cookies help us to gather the data which we want for our test.
  • We use Google Adsense on our website. And, Google Adsense add cookies on your browser to show you relevant ads on its partner websites like we.
  • We use social media button on the post or product pages. These buttons help you to connect with your social network in various ways. Also, social media sites use cookies to enhance your profile on their respective networks.

The prime reason to add cookies in user browser is to understand user behavior and action at a deep level.

C). Third parties:
Sometimes we get your information through Social Media sites like; Facebook etc. The info we get when you follow us or connect with us on Social Media sites.

Type of rights, we give to our customers:

  • Right to Get Your Details & Right to Delete Details:
    We give complete authority to the user on PII copy, transfer or deletion. You need to email us ( to process one of the tasks. But before we proceed it, we may ask you some queries to identify your PII.
  • Newsletter:
    If you subscribe to our newsletters, we send you our newsletter and other promotional communication. But you can opt-out this service any time by clicking “unsubscribe” text link at the bottom of each promotional email which we send you.
  • Cookies:
    You can stop cookies through your browser settings. You can block specific website cookie or, you can block all website cookies with the browser settings. But, blocking the cookie of a website also inactive some feature or service of the website. We don’t recommend cookie blocking action but, it’s all up to you.

How do we secure your PII:

To protect your personal identification information (PII), we perform the following steps:

  1. We do not share, sell, trade or transfer your information to any outside parties.
  2. Our website is running on SSL encryption security method.
  3. We share your PII data only with our employees as they bound with the legal agreement. In which they do not share, disclose or take customer information to any outside party.

What we do in data breach:

We deploy all the industry-standard safety measures to protect your PII, but nothing is 100% secure. So, we cannot guarantee its absolute security. In the case of a data breach, we will inform you within 72 hours. We take necessary actions towards the incident and try to resolve the issue quickly.

External sites:

We affiliated with multiple websites. And, we place external sites links on ShareSnappy site. So, you must read the below points before you click on the third party – website link or product page link. Also, you must consider the below points before you click on the third-party – product license link.

  • Links:
    We place external sites links on our blog posts and product pages. Thus, if you click on these links, you reach to the new website. Where you find the new privacy policy and terms. We suggest you, please read the external website privacy policy and terms; before submitting your PII on the new website. As we don’t have the authority and we are not the owner of that website. So, we cannot protect your PII on the third party website.
  • Purchase:
    As a reseller, we add multiple products of various merchants to sell their products on our website. Once you click on the buy link. You redirect to the seller payment gateway. Where you give your information (personal information, billing address, shipping address, card information & more) to place an order. The payment gateway and the seller do not share this information with us. It means we don’t get your order information and we don’t get your PII too. Thus, if you find yourself in a problem, then we are unable to help you. In that case, you need to contact the seller for any product issue or refund and the payment gateway for any payment issue. We suggest you before you place the order; please read the payment gateway & the seller privacy policy and terms.
  • Ads:
    We have a tie-up with multiple vendors and ad networks. And, we place third-party sites ads on It means when you click on the ad and reach to the external website. If you submit your PII on that website. Then, we are not responsible for the security of your PII. You must read the external website – Privacy Policy and Terms.


Your data helps us to understand your interest and a need which you look into our website. These aspects help us to know on which area we need to improve more. We deploy multiple ways to gather your data as it crucial to us, and we take every safety aspect to secure it.

Now, if you agree with our privacy policy and terms or conditions, then please continue with our website. But, if you disagree with our policy and terms. Then, you can discontinue our website and services.

Privacy Policy Updates:

You need to visit this privacy policy page from time to time to check any change in our policy. To recognize the changes, you can check the last modification date at the top of the page.

If you have any query regarding our Privacy Policy, please feel free to contact us at Also, view our terms or conditions at this page:

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